Weeks Report 9th October To 15th October 2017

With the Winter League fast approaching Phillip Knights and Robert Maclean must have thought that the press rep should become aware of them again and check out names for correct spelling etc for the Winter months. Certainly last year they were a formidable combination and on Saturday last at Douglas despite the weather, 34 partnerships contested a 4BBB stableford. With 9 holes counting from each player Knights and Maclean signed for 45 points which included three holes where a helpful 4 points were obtained. This was good enough for the win on the day as next best were that tried and tested partnership of Captain elect Simon Colquitt and Ivan Clague, who like the winners shared the card with 9 holes each, scoring  22 points out and 22 points on the inward trip for  a final total of 44 points. This was the same as Terry Tobin and Colin Bird who finished with 44 as well, but they had all their excitement over the front nine with a very impressive 25 points and seemingly unbeatable. Not to be I’m afraid but still credit in the Pro shop with a third place finish. I should be mentioning all those who had 43 points but I won’t as they should try harder in the future.
On the following day despite news that Ophelia was going to pay us a visit, again in damp conditions 39 hardy souls who have no reason to stay indoors Christmas decorating, were out and about on the golf course taking strokes of a different kind than that with a brush. At some time in his round maybe Steven Hawley was thinking that painting would have been better as only 15 points were recorded for the front nine holes. Add 25 after the back nine though and it all changed as 40 points was good enough on the day, and nobody was going to beat that score on the back nine holes. The runner up was Michael Philbin who was a model of consistency with 20 each way, the same as third place man Ricky Whipp to complete the leaderboard in what will have been the last Sunday singles event for a while, as this Sunday it is the Captains v Presidents battle, and then on it will be a variety of formats I believe which will be the Winter league.
The Tuesday competition winners seem to have a theme at the moment that being that to be competitive and a winner is that in your former working life you were a bus driver. Following on from Chris Corran last time, on this occasion it was Ken Eves who picked the right route to have an impressive 41 points over the short course but going the full distance. Breaking away from the Pro shop Stuart Wallace breathed in some fresh air on his way to 38 points by virtue of a 66 gross, beating Ian Rotheram also 38 points on the inward trip. No joy for Michael Kenna and Karl Logan, also 38 points on the day.  

weeks report 2nd October to 8th October 2017

Whilst those playing at Rowany in the second leg of The Boat People Trophy were getting a severe beating on the day and overall, a total of 62 players were out and about at Douglas playing in an 18 hole stableford. Golf is a wonderful game when you are in form and everything is going your way. Having that feeling at the moment is Robert Hughes  for after his win last week in the Saturday stableford, he did it again this week after scoring 41 points. Average on the way out with 19,  and then not scoring on the 10th hole, the next sequence of points  scored changed all that, and with a final birdie two at the 18th it was 22 points back for a total of 41 to take the win,  it was a further handicap reduction of a full shot to match last weeks effort, and he must obviously be looking forward to this Saturday to see if he can do the treble.
Now fully recovered from the wrist injury that threatened his career in golf Stephen Skillicorn is right back in form and was again amongst the prizes at the weekend and reducing his handicap to scratch once again. Just the 19 points  out and with only one shot to play with for Skillicorn, it was an entertaining 21 back to beat the others on 40 points and finish runner up. Fresh from being crowned Club matchplay champion, and not long back from warm weather training in Spain, Dave Murray was heading for victory when he had 4 pointers at the 10th and 12th but a poor finish saw him finish with 40 points, losing out for second, but beating Ralph Lewthwaite, also 40 points, who had to be content with 4th place after having 8 points after just two holes. Nothing for Paul Bridson after his 40 points on this occasion. Another hole in one at the par 3 second, this time it was Don Taylor who was the pilot but again nothing in the ball sweep.
Last Tuesday it was the full distance for the 29 players who competed and good news for those in the ball sweep, only three players getting the necessary two on the legal holes and £28 each the reward. The overall winner with 40 points was Chris Corran and although not getting a two, a healthy winning voucher for the now retired bus driver who can take his holidays whenever he wants. The runner up was Paul Moffitt on 38 points the same score as Karl Logan and Ken Eves,  but no vouchers for the latter pair on this occasion.
Whilst early rain put a few off on Sunday last a reasonable entry of 37 players got round in dry and warm conditions. With a gross score of 66 on the short course, it was 42 stableford points for Stephen Reilly and a card with no single strokes on it , all 2’s and three’s and a nice 4 pointer at the first but no reward in the sweep. A good season for Reilly and he is now approaching a new low of 4 handicap, well ahead of his regular playing partner Peter Langridge. Just one point back with 41 and lamenting on his no score at the 16th no doubt, was Richard Mulhern who has also had a good season and as an early Christmas present from the club, he has been reduced a further shot for being too good and is now playing off 14 handicap. Whether the third place man on 40 points, the handicap chairman Barry Skillicorn is planning any reductions to celebrate Hop -Tu - Naa at the end of the month has not been confirmed but watch this space. With the rest of the club watching Bazza has been adjusting his own handicap quite a bit off late as he hits some good form and a contender in the Race to Foxdale Order of Merit. A stableford on Saturday and a medal on Sunday is what this weekend holds for you all at Douglas.